How did you feel?
When you heard the unspeakable
When we spoke the words and admitted the faults
Was there loss and wonder and hurt and pain and anger and fear
And did all the emotion remain there that day
Or has it followed you

How did I feel?
When you looked into my eyes
When we shared our hearts and gave excuses
Did you see the sorrow and shame and emptiness and confusion
And did you see my arms open to let you in
Or are you still fighting

We were attracted
Because we knew there was something else
Something more powerful than ourselves as individuals
Something unmistakably ours alone, belonging to and shared by only you and me
And we accepted it as truth and fate
And quickly took it for granted

We were divided
Because we allowed our differences to decide
You couldn’t accept the need to reach to live to cry to step outside the boundaries
I couldn’t embrace the order the sense the reason the discipline the objection the status quo
So we bent some and we hid some
And stood our ground ‘til it broke

I was blind
To spend a life searching for something already my own
To search for me when it was us that needed found
Without you there would be no search no security in blindness
Without you there would be only me
And the light wouldn’t matter

Now I see
There never were answers
That we were and are and will be simply is
The differences are gifts not questions for theory and intellectual manipulation
Because I fell from the dark
And you caught me

If you climb
I will lift you
If you dream
I will supply peace
If you become lost
I will find you
If you need love
I will give my heart

No pain
No fear
No question

January 26, 2000